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Welcome to my rambling website!  I established a website at OzEmail in 1995 and created this one in 1999.
- Robin Whittle 

Since 24th March 2020 I have been working to raise awareness of the need for proper vitamin D3 supplementation to raise circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels (as measured in blood tests) to at least the 50ng/ml (125nmol/L) which all immune cell need to work properly.   I have been working with doctors / nurses and vitamin D researchers (some are both) on this since July 2020.

Most doctors are unaware that this level is needed. They think 20ng/ml or perhaps 30ng/ml is sufficient.  There is very little D3 in food or multivitamins.  D3 can be produced in the skin by ultraviolet B light, but this raises skin cancer risks and is not available from the sun in winter.

Proper vitamin D3 supplementation, such as 0.125mg (5000 IU) D3 a day for 70kg 154lb bodyweight is the only reliable way to attain the levels the immune system requires.  Without this, many people have 5 to, at least in winter.

This is important for numerous reasons, but especially for suppressing COVID-19 disease severity, and so total viral shedding - and so average transmission rates.

Please see: .

Most MDs have no idea that without proper D3 supplementation - usually more than they think is needed - the immune system cannot work properly.  Innate and adaptive responses to pathogens are weakened and there is a much greater chance of the hyper-inflammatory immune dysregulation which causes severe COVID-19, Kawasaki disease, Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and sepsis.

Research projects The Astrophysics of the Non-Exploding Universe, including attempts to explain the heating of the solar corona. Health and nutrition.  Restless Limbs Sensorimotor Disorder (RLSD) - the name I think should be adopted in place of Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome.  This includes my observations, etiological theories and non-drug methods of avoiding or reducing these problems. 

Also, links to research which show that coffee - decaf and non-decaf, instant, filter and espresso - contains significant quantities of opioid receptor antagonists. If so, it would not be surprising if drinking coffee makes people miserable, even more than due to the caffeine it contains.  Nor would it be surprising if coffee of any kind worsened pain-perception disorders such as fibromyalgia.  We found that even 3 decaf coffees a week caused bad RLSD symptoms.
ip/ivip/ Ivip - Internet Vastly Improved Plumbing.  A proposal for scalable routing and mobility of IP addresses within the IPv4 and IPv6 Internets.
Researching the history of the measurement of low-level audio noise in a manner which reflects human perception.  This is particularly important for microphone self-noise.  Most microphones today have their self-noise specified in dBA, which does not accurately reflect human perception.  This page concerns CCIR 468 and related Quasi-Peak standards which do a much better job.

Devil Fish modifications for the TB-303

32 Megabyte memory boards for Akai samplers

  Details of these cost-effective boards are at rwi/smem/.

Tina and Sandra's books - "13 Ways: Illustrated Stories", "The Infinite Loop" and "Stranger Places"

In August 2013, my wife Tina and her best friend Sandra in Texas published 13 Ways: Illustrated Stories - sixteen photo-inspired short stories, invoking elements of realism, suspense, fantasy, sci-fi, and modern Gothic.  Sandra took most of the photos but I contributed one of a Praying Mantis.


In 2016, Sandra and Tina published a novella of spaceships, time warps and free pie: The Infinite Loop.  In 2017, their novel Stranger Places is the second in the Pie Town series.

These are available in Kindle

and paperback editions:

Some of the 13 Ways stories appear at Tina's and Sandra's site
Their publishing project has a website: and a Facebook outpost .

Contemplative ambient music - Astral Truth Window

We finally released some pieces from 1979 and 1996, together with a new track made in September 2018.  Tina and I will be making more contemplative ambient music together: Some minimal videos.

Photos of Daylesford and places nearby

daylesford/ Pictures taken in and around Daylesford.  Tina and I moved to Daylesford in 2014 and we really like living here. 

Gallery of Children's Art

The gallery/ contains images of paintings and drawings by Adriana Hardy - who drew the portrait of me which near the bottom of this page.  I often really enjoy children's art and Adriana's bold, colourful, largely abstract designs make a big impression on me.  These images range from mid 1997, when she was four and a half, to April 2002, when she was nearly nine.  Click on any of these images to see many more:


(Images © Adriana Hardy 1997 and 2002.)
Click to see Adrianas pictures

Sculpture by Inge King

Inge King (1915 - 2016) was one of Australia's foremost sculptors.  Some of her work is widely known, such as Forward Surge, on the left below.  Here is a separate site in which contains images, links to books and other sites concerning Inge King's work and the lithography and other work of her husband Grahame King (1915 - 2008).  The second image is of her mighty 2006 work: Rings or Saturn, located in the grounds of the Heide Museum of Modern Art.  Clicking on these images will take your browser to the separate site .

Inge King sculpture Forward Surge Southbank Melbourne Australia   Inge King sculpture Rings of Saturn Heide Museum of Modern Art Bulleen, Melbrourne, Australia


Galaxies 5 billion light years and more away

This is a 0.0001 radian (0.0057 degree) high section of the Hubble Deep Field images of a section of the Universe, in the northern skies, where it is possible to see a long way without many stars from our galaxy obscuring the view.  The angle subtended by a human hair held at arm's length is about the angle in the vertical direction of this image.  The barred spiral galaxy to the top middle left is probably like our own - about 100,000 light years in diameter.  Since it subtends an angle of about 1/50,000 radians, it is reasonable to estimate that the galaxy is around 5 billion light years away.  Read more at about this and other images, and about the cosmological redshift, which is the main reason for believing in the Big Bang and the expansion of the Universe.  Unfortunately, many astronomers regard this as a fact, but it is just a theory.  If it could be shown that light, whilst traveling through the intergalactic medium (very low density hydrogen and helium atoms, a few electrons and ions etc.) for a year loses one part in 14 billion of its energy, then this would explain the cosmological redshift.  In that case there would be no reason to believe the Universe is expanding, or that it "began" with a "Big Bang".  Meanwhile, the heating and acceleration of the solar corona and solar wind remain unexplained by conventional theories . . .  

Sliiiiiiiiiiiinky - the world's longest Slinky

The average Slinky is fine for walking down steps, but I want to send waves!  I have finally solved the limitations of short Slinkies, and many of the problems of gravity, to make my 21.4 metre (71 feet) Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinky.  Click on the photo to enter the slinky/ directory for more photos, wild  piezo-pickup audio MP3s and some videos too  . . .

Binaural Recording

Photos, explanation and sound samples of dummy head sound recording, which sounds great on speakers and reproduces spatial information really well via headphones.  binaural/ .

Eclectic Sensibilities

The eclectic/ directory contains my Yum-Yum Gourmet Breakfast Toast recipe and Nature-2.0.doc a rare communication from God and Mother Nature discussing the bugs in Nature 1.0 and giving a glimpse of features in the new version 2.0.

Csound and Digital Signal Processing

The csound/ directory contains introductory material and links regarding the Csound music synthesis language, and some of my work on this program.  See the dsp/pink-noise/ directory for a roundup on DSP generation of pink noise.  I have a treatise on the Carta optimisation of the Park Miller "minimal standard" pseudo-random number generator, with C, C++ and dsPIC assembly language source code: dsp/rand31/ .

Stick-insect photos!

I was honoured to receive a visit from that most dignified of insects, a striding, clambering stick-insect.  I took a few Polaroid photos, scanned them, but them on the Web and emailed friends about it within an hour or so.  See the photos of my distinguished, seven inch long visitor in the stick-insect/ directory!

Green Ant Productions - full moon trance techno dance parties

My Show-and-Tell department!

Old pictures and postcards  1913 colour photograph   Invitation to Easter Camp  Valentines Day cards  Little Franklin River, Sth Gippsland    Angel at Waverley Cemetery Sydney Australia  Photos of Queensland Daintree rainforest and beach    Photos of the Nullarbor Plain and Bunda Cliffs

Old photos and postcards, a colour photo from 1913.  A hand-drawn poster from the 1950s-60s.  1938 handwriting. Corsetry adverts. German Valentines Day postcards posted in Pennsylvania ca. 1911. Photographs of mountain ash and rain forest at the Little Franklin River, South Gippsland.  Two detailed photographs of the Sun Beachgirl Quest in the late 1940s or early 1950s.  A rag doll angel and one from Waverley Cemetery, Bronte, Sydney.  Green ants, mangroves, trees, rattan and little sand balls on the beach near Cape Tribulation in Far Northern Queensland.  Click on a photo or peruse the show-and-tell/ directory.  Also, a report on how government surveillance and compulsory RFID tagging of citizens is keeping us safe from the threat which lurks within.  Another page shows an intriguing cutter for plastic tube beads, as used for handicrafts in the 1960s. 

There is an expansive page with big images of the Nullarbor Plain and Bunda Cliffs:

Strzeleckis Forest - sold as "plantations" to US logging company

eucalyptus regnans - Mountain Ash - Victoria Australia 

See here: for information on how the Kennett government sold state forest (actually its 99 year timber rights) to a US logging company, including areas which really should be part of a national park or conservation reserve.

Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis

There is a Wikipedia article which I think is the best site to learn about this crisis.  I also have a page of links, videos, images and other information: jncrisis/


Various technical things . . .

Music Marketing in the Age of Electronic Delivery

The musicmar/ directory contains material relating to music marketing with discovery, and ultimately delivery, taking place via the Internet.  This includes direct artist to listener relationships which are not burdened by the risks, costs and restrictions such as geographic proximity and stylistic compatibility with advertising.

Audio Compression

The audiocomp/ directory contains material on both lossy and lossless audio compression algorithms.  There are tests on the fidelity of MPEG Audio Layer 3, AAC and Yamaha's Twin VQ audio compression schemes.  The lossless page is the most extensive test of lossless audio compression programs.

Consumer Advocacy

Human Curiosity - archiving queries to search engines

In praise of the Logitech Marble + optical trackball (Mice should be banned!)

I'm serious.  Mice are a global RSI catastrophe.  See the ergonomics/ section for the solution.  This section also describes my experience with the Microsoft "Natural Keyboard" and why I decided to stop using it.

Archiving defunct sites

Sometimes a site disappears which should be left for future generations to ponder.  One is archived here:  archive/policyanalysismarket-org/ - a US government proposal in July 2003 to set up a futures market for predictions of terrorist attacks.  The site disappeared soon after the government was embarrassed into abandoning the plan, but I don't think history should be erased that easily.  Also discussion of another monumentally stupid plan from the late 1950s and early 1960s: Project Orion, a rocket to be propelled into orbit by pooping out hundreds of atom bombs which explode beneath it.

Where am I?

Who is Robin Whittle??

I am a 1955 model, English by birth and Australian by choice and citizenship.

I married Tina (previously Tina Clark from Houston, Texas and New York NY) in 2004.  You can read a little about us by clicking on the picture below:

Contact details and times

Postal and phone contact details available via emailing

Melbourne (and Victoria, including Daylesford) time

My family's mining optimization consulting business, Whittle Consulting, is .

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