Various notes and How-I-Did-Its relating to computer systems administration

Robin Whittle  24 September  2013

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The web-mail directory, which include some systems-admin stuff:

Archiving Yahoo Groups

How I grabbed messages, attachements, files and photos from two Yahoo Groups, in September 2013, just before my account was Neoized and this became (as far as I know) impossible.

How I made a compact audio patch bay from a solderless breadboard.

The problems I perceive with HTML email and why I believe that all email clients should default to sending plain text.


My aluminium case to keep hard drives really cool and quiet.  Also some notes on CPU and power supply fans and on the beautiful Panasonic Scirocco centrifugal blowers.


Using open-source Ghostscript to convert one or more TIFF files into a single or multi-page PDF file.