Curriculum Vitae and Capability Statement - Robin Whittle


See for more on consumer advocacy regarding protecting privacy and preventing censorship.  This includes my 2023-08-20 critique of the exposure draft of the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023.

Some 1990s material on the Link List: .

First Principles      January 2007

This is a reasonably detailed CV covering my electronic, software, telecommunications and advocacy work.  


I was born in England in 1955, grew up in Melbourne and have lived here ever since.  In 2004, Tina and I were married.  We live in a north-eastern suburb of Melbourne.

I finished HSC at Camberwell Grammar School in 1972 and pursued my interests in electronics and music through my employment and my first business Real World Interfaces until 1992, with a year at La Trobe University in 1976 studying music, philosophy and sociology.  While my involvement in electronics, software and music continues, in 1992 I became involved in telecommunications - initially as a privacy advocate, then as a technical writer and consultant.  First Principles is my business name for writing and consulting.

I specialise in thorough investigation of complex and indefinite issues, and in explaining and discussing the key questions, principles and strategies with those who are not accustomed to understanding technical matters.  Most of my telecommunications work in recent years has been writing the Telecommunications Technology Library, for Paul Budde Communications.  A list of the reports I wrote is at: ../telco/pb-telco/ .

Writing and advocacy is often a rather solitary activity, but I enjoy research and discussion.  Consulting projects can be a welcome opportunity to work intensively as part of a team.

Areas of consulting expertise

Articles and technical writing

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Hardware and software projects

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My main First Principles site 
In brief and in colour - a few photos with my wife, Tina, and some more personal words.
I have two research projects which are not mentioned above.