Adriana    Hardy

Paintings and drawings by Adriana, at ages 4 to 9.

All images copyright Adriana Hardy 1994-2002.  

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This page works roughly backwards in time. Be sure to click the images at the start to see to the more recent additions.

Click here to see some new drawings! Click the heart to see 
some of Adriana's 
drawings from 
November 2000.
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A drawing from April 2001.
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Painting by splashing, and by
rolling paint-covered marbles
 February 2001
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January 2002:
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the fairy to see
whole picture
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April 2002:
A work in progress . . .
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. . . more progress, with "blow-
pens" which come with a felt-
tip pen to alter the colour of
the blown ink.

Adriana did this and a few others, including the spirally one below, at my place.  I scanned some of them in states of partial completion, and we had some fun with Photoshop effects on the images, and on expanded small parts of her the images.

Fun!! Click to see a larger image
More fun!

After the session at my place, she painted this one for me at home - using plastic gloves with paint on the fingers . . .

"I went crazy, and then my hand went numb - that's how I got all the effects.  Then I took the gloves off and did finger printing.  Then I got my thinnest brush and mixed the colours and flicked the paint."  

(I am taking dictation in a phone conversation here a week after she painted it . . . I asked her whether she used her left or right hand, because she had told me she painted this with her left hand instead of her right so it would be more messy.)  

"Actually, I flicked it with my left hand, using three fingers, my thumb, my pointer finger and - you'll be quite surprised - my pinky.  This might sound weird, but I tried to draw a bunch of flowers - but I mucked up the picture." 

"I had gloves on so I wouldn't get my hands dirty, but when I mucked up I thought of doing this picture for you."

I asked her about painting with her left hand.  "Actually it was quite hard, but the good thing about it is that I mucked up a lot."

I encourage her to have fun and not fuss over what other people might like or expect, but she does like to do things for people.  I think Adriana has a great eye for graphic images and design.  She has a great joy in creation and giving her work to others.  She asked if many people wrote about this site - and there have been a handful over the years.  If you want to write to her, then please write to me and I will forward it to her or write to her parent's address.

I asked her if she had ever heard of a painter called Jackson Pollock, but she said she doesn't know any other painters.  We have been to exhibitions by Emily Kngwrreye, Ivor Cantrill (I have two marvelous drawings of his) and more recently Kim Westcott - but we don't talk much about art in general or other artists.  After this conversation, I told her a little about Jackson Pollock and Blue Poles and how he poured paint and broken glass on his huge canvas, really working on it, and how some people think it is just a mess, but others (me included) find it a thrilling painting.

She asked me whether she could make some more paintings for me - and what to use.  She suggested  using her feet, knees and hands and doing cartwheels outside!  I suggested someone would need to hose her down before she could go back in the house and she said she would do it herself.  I said her knees didn't sound like such a good idea.  I asked her if she could make a painting just with her fingers?  She replied she would use her feet and hands . . .   Then I asked her if she would make a painting using only her nose.   She declined this suggestion, and also ruled out using her ear or any other part of her face . . .   Then she said she would make a painting for me with:

"Fingers, feet, a scrubbing brush, hairspray, body glitter . . . " and various other items and substances I didn't take note of.  "It will be called "Dance of the Fairies" she exclaimed.

From April 2002:

A minute or twos relaxed thoughtful work . . .

From  26 December 2000, a flower with sun and clouds in delicate colours which may not show up an an LCD screen.  (The images on this page are optimised for ordinary CRT displays which have a gamma curve where half-brightness in the file means about quarter brightness on the screen.)
Flower, sun and clouds 26 December 2000 by Adriana

Below are paintings from Adriana when she was 4 and 5.

Here are some images of paintings and drawings by Melbourne based artist, Adriana Hardy - now aged five (May 1998), but aged four and a half when she did the paintings below. Click on each image to see a larger version.  In mid 1997, Adriana began kindergarten - where she does most of her drawing and painting.  She will be doing her honours year there in 1998 and I look forward to more exciting works.  These images are some from the period June to October 1997 and represent a fraction of her output - since she brings home several pictures a week.

The pictures do not have names, or exact dates.  I have recorded an interview with the artist, in which she gives insights into many of the works.  In the future I hope to include transcriptions and perhaps audio samples of her commentary.  The numbering and ordering of the pictures is my choice.

These images are copyright Adriana Hardy 1997.  Please don't use the images on any web-site or for any purpose other than personal enjoyment.  Technical details of this preliminary effort at documenting her work are at the end of this page.  Feedback is welcome - to me, the curator (Robin Whittle, email: or via me to Adriana care of her parents.

Thanks to Adriana for giving me these pictures.  She doesn't quite understand the Internet and the web yet - but she will soon.

- Robin Whittle  27 December 1997

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