The Gallery

A web-based gallery of art images, especially the work of children - with many links to similar sites.  Established in late 1997, the Gallery now contains images of paintings and drawings by Adriana Hardy. Hopefully pictures from other artists will be featured here in the future.



Please let me know of any sites with children's art!

Searching for Children's Art Galleries

This is tricky.  Searching for "childrens art" generally brings up lots of adult illustrators of children's books, or lists of general art galleries which have been compiled for children.  There is no section in the Open Directory Project (from which Yahoo, Google etc. derive most or all of their directory material) for the art of children.

The best search engine, I think, in 2002, is Google Advanced: Here are links for search terms which should be useful.  The number in brackets shows how many pages Google found in June 2002:
Google Advanced enables you to search in specific domains, such as .au. and to search for varioius words and phrases, or not for various words etc.  It is my top bookmark!

Link farms - pages which links to gallery sites

These may be more up-to-date than my list, and if you have a children's art gallery, it would be good to have your site listed on these pages.

The Kennedy Elementary School in Minnesota has some images of children's work and notes to accompany them.  Unfortunately the larger versions fo the images seem to be faulty.

Telenaut's Global Show and Tell has images from children, sorted by age-group.  Anyone can submit work by email.

From 1995, North American Indian children's art. "A plan is a bird if you think Indian", one young artist writes.

- Robin Whittle  30 December 1997.   Links updated 1 June 2002.

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