Open-source Web-mail systems, mail filtering, delivering messages to an IMAP Inbox tagged for deletion and other interesting things

Robin Whittle 2008-05-17


This directory was revised in May 2008 to remove a bunch of old things and concentrate on the following topics related to mail servers:
There are a few other low-key items:  

I used to run a Web-Mail discussion list on Yahoo Groups.  However it never generated much discussion and I will give it to anyone who wants to run such a discussion forum, which I think would be most valuable.  There are discussion lists for each web-mail system, but not for people comparing notes and trying to decide which one to choose.

Main contents in other directories

How-I-did-it (might be a how-to for you, dear reader) on my home-office mail server:

CentOS-5.1-RAID-1/  Building the basic CentOS 5.1 system with RAID 1 dual redundant IDE hard drives.

kudzu-mods/  Some potential modifications to kudzu so it keeps old configuration details for Ethernet NICs even when a new NIC is found.

CentOS-misc-config/  Various basic config things not related to email, such as Midnight Commander, NFS etc.

mta-integration-01/  Installing and integrating Postfix, Courier IMAPD, Courier Maildrop and SpamAssassin.
Mozilla-mail/  Notes on configuring Thunderbird etc. such as to turn off format=flowed and to turn off the use of strikethrough when listing a message which has been tagged for deletion in an IMAP mailbox.  Also, how to configure Thunderbird so it sends plain text messages, not HTML.

Software and modifications to other people's software:

Maildrop-mods-filtering/  Modifications to Courier Maildrop so a message can be put in a mailbox already tagged for deletion.  Also, subjadd  - a program to add things to subject lines of received emails in the server.

Some older pages of potential interest:

mb2md/  Old page for my perl script for converting mailboxes from mbox to Maildir format.

Old directories which exist with zipped contents, but which are about software now probably not used much:  Postfix-SA-Anomy-Maildrop/ , RH71-Postfix-Courier-Maildrop-IMAP/ , RH90-Postfix-Courier-Maildrop-IMAP/ .

Where to find open-source web-mail systems?

I used to have a list of web-mail systems here, but I was not able to keep it up-to-date. Here are some suggestions on where to look.

ISP-Planet  and This is an actively maintained list of major webmail systems, open-source and commercial, with a review of each one.  The reviews are sometimes a few years old, but that is fine.  The chart is more comprehensive then the reviews.  Please let me know if there are any other such guides.  AFAIK, this is the best available guide.


There is a webmail page here: (Google finds slightly more "web-mail" pages than for "webmail".)  However, it doesn't lead to any lists of open-source web-mail systems.  That would be a fine project for a Wikipedia page.  To-do: add a link to the ISP-Planet webmail list. and

Search and for "webmail" or "web-mail".  Alternatively, at this page: I was able to browse for projects in the category: Communications > Email > Email clients (MUA). Likewise, at

Where to discuss administration of open-source web-mail systems?

Please tell me of any discussion lists etc. where this is discussed.  I have a dormant Yahoo Group "Web-Mail " for this purpose if anyone wants to run such a list.

Other items at this site

The perils of HTML email:  ../sys-admin/HTML-email/ .