Little Blimps

Human powered and one/two person blimps.
Robin Whittle   30 August 2002 (Minor updates 2008-01-14)

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Azerjaibani stamp of pedal powered airship or pedal powered blimp

This page has:
  1. Links to sites regarding small (one or two person) lighter than air craft - typically blimps.
  2. Some ideas of mine, which I discuss on the Little Blimps mailing list.
Search engine bait:  pedal powered airship, pedal powered blimp, lighter than air craft, LTA, helium, mylar, carbon fibre, carbon fiber, human powered aircraft, human powered vehicle.


Please let me know new links to add, and any broken ones.  Old references may be findable at the Internet archive: .

My Ideas


Most forms of flight involve high minimum speeds, improbable takeoffs and problematic landings.

But lets say I want to float around the tree-tops, or cruise along a valley and maybe over a crest of hills into another, just as one does when snorkelling or on SCUBA . . . the options, considering we are not birds, include:


The pages below are for my ideas, as part of discussions on the Little Blimps mailing list.

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