DIY Printed Circuit Boards and related techniques

2012-07-09  Robin Whittle

In the future I will use this directory to depict various do-it-yourself printed circuit board techniques which I have found useful.

The best place I know to discuss these things is the Homebrew-PCB Yahoo Group (a mailing list with web-archives and the option of web-based posting):

This has archives which are searchable at the above page and which can be found by search engines such as Google.  (There's a related Yahoo Group for inkjet printing resist on to copper to protect it from being etched: .)

My messages so far include:

Cheap Lowell LOOL280 laminator for Riston or other negative film photoresist
2012-05-18: 30148

Riston MM540 from Czech Republic and UV wavelengths
2012-07-02 30333

Transparent, non-diffused, phototool with a laser printer and laminator
2012-07-02 30334

Reducing the diffusion of paper and plastic film laser-printed phototools
2012-07-02 30335

DIY laser transfer paper with water-based "gum" glue
2012-07-08 30345  It turns out that the glue I am using is not based on starch (as I
assumed it was) but is Poly Vinyl Alcohol dissolved in water.

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