The now defunct Policy Analyis Market site - archived!

There is another and more extensive archive, with some amazing Middle East map-like backround images here:

Here is something profoundly stupid - a futures market on terrorism.  This archive is an attempt to prevent the US government erasing its own history.

Please read this: link/ - what I wrote to the Link mailing list about this, and another stupid thing from the 1950s and 60s - a rocket powered by pooping out hundreds of atomic bombs which explode beneath it.  By about 11PM US east coast summer time, the server had been disconnected, and the above page has the traceroute and ping attempt to it as well.

Below are pages as I found them either from the now defunct site, or Google's cache.

Search Google news and Web for "Policy Analysis Market":

The Slashot discussion is lively and includes mentions of aspects of the site I have not been able to archive:

The NYT story claims "The White House also altered the Web site so that the potential events ... that were visible earlier in the day ... could no longer be seen," but those example images are still being served: Jordanian overthrow, bidding on assassinations, cool graphics...

- Robin Whittle  30 July 2003   Melbourne Australia

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Various other links for this affair

main/ Main page - but when I found it, the link lead to a non-existent page.
Details of how it would work. 
pam-orgs/ Links to DARPA and : "The Economist Intelligence Unit is the business information arm of The Economist Group, publisher of The Economist. Through a global network of over 500 analysts, it continuously assesses and forecasts political, economic and business conditions in 195 countries."
pam-trader 1,000 traders starting in October 2003, expanding to 10,000 in January 2004.
pam-trade-info This was a pop-up page from pam_concept.htm - quarterly contracts : "
  • Quarterly contracts based on data indices that track economic health, civil stability, military disposition, and U.S. economic & military involvement in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey
  • Quarterly contracts that track global economic and conflict indicators
  • Specific possible events (e.g., U.S. recognition of Palestine in the first quarter of 2005)"
The Age's report of 30 July 2003 Australian time, prior to the US government deciding against the site - from the Los Angeles Times.
Washington Post reporting the project had been killed.  This was the first one found by Google's news.  A few hours later there were hundreds of news articles about this matter.