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This is the web home of Real World Interfaces - Tina's and my business which primarily concerns hardware and software for electronic musical instruments.  Real World Interfaces was established as a business name in 1985, although my involvement in musical instrument modifications began in late 1980 with mods for the Casio M10 portable polyphonic digital keyboard.

I used to do modifications for the Roland MT-32.  Please let me know if you are interested in this.

The main products and services are described in the following directories:
dfish/ Devil Fish TB-303 modifications.
tr-606/ TR-606 modifications.
tr-808/ TR-808 modifications.
tr-909/ TR-909 modifications.
smem/ 32 megabyte memory boards for the Akai S1000/S1100 and S2800/CD3000/S3000/S3200.
casio/ Information from the early 1980s on modifying the Casio M10, MT30 etc. keyboards, and driving the upD931 chip as used in the MT65.
For the original DX7: Mod 7.1 modified firmware, sound improvement modifications and 16 banks of voice memory.  (Added 2020-02-11.)
Research into microphones.
parts/ Some notes on parts for synthesizers.  At present, there's just one page, on 3.5mm vertical PCB-mount mono sockets with a switch contact.

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Robin Whittle
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