Real World Interfaces modifications to the original DX7 from about 1987 to the late 1990s

Robin Whittle contact details  11 February 2021 

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The mods

Documentation for the Mod 7.1 firmware - and the memory and sound improvement mods

There are three documents here.  It is best to get them all and print them.

  1. PDF scan of the basic Mod 7.1 manual.  I wrote this in Wordstar (MS-DOS) and printed the master on a Diablo daisywheel printer and then made photocopies for customers.  (I used to have two of these beauties, but they were damaged in a flood:

    In February 2021 I scanned a photocopy of the manual.  It is just images, no selectable text.  I have a Word file with the text but it would require a lot of work to format it correctly as Wordstar did.


  2. A PDF of a (Word file) addendum for this:


  3. A one page cheatsheet on saving patches to a machine with 16 internal memory banks: