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This is the web home of Real World Interfaces - Tina's and my business which primarily concerns hardware and software for electronic musical instruments.  Real World Interfaces was established as a business name in 1985, although my involvement in musical instrument modifications began in late 1980 with mods for the Casio M10 portable polyphonic digital keyboard.

I used to do modifications for the Roland MT-32.  In 2013 I plan to purchase some of these, modify them and make them available for sale.  Please let me know if you are interested in this.

The main products and services are described in the following directories:
dfish/ Devil Fish TB-303 modifications.
tr-606/ TR-606 modifications.
tr-808/ TR-808 modifications.
smem/ 32 megabyte memory boards for the Akai S1000/S1100 and S2800/CD3000/S3000/S3200.
casio/ Information from the early 1980s on modifying the Casio M10, MT30 etc. keyboards, and driving the upD931 chip as used in the MT65.
Research into microphones.
parts/ Some notes on parts for synthesizers.  At present, there's just one page, on 3.5mm vertical PCB-mount mono sockets with a switch contact.

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