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Robin Whittle  3 March 2015

This is the beginnings of my eclectic on-line museum.  The scope of this project is potentially vast.  I will add things as I feel like it and have time for.  It would take months to do a proper job of all the things which could be scanned, the obscure 78s which could be converted to MP3 etc.
Directory Last update Description
easter-camp/ 1999 09 16 A marvelous hand-illustrated invitation to a Christian girl's camp, from the 1950s or 60s.
photos-postcards-1/ 1999 09 16 Various old pictures and postcards.
nature-study/ 1999 09 16 A beautiful colour photograph of a fine young woman taken in 1913, from the 1913-14 Penrose Annual of printing processes.
corsetry-1/ 2001 09 01 Some images from my extensive collection of corset advertisements from magazines.  Also, images of Dita von Teese, and of some shapely and sensual girdles and the like which are currently available via the Net.
valentines-cards/ 2000 01 28 Five Valentines Day cards from Pennsylvania in1910-1915.  Extraordinary ~12 colour German printing.
stamps-1/ 2000 04 27 A 25 stamp sheet: Faces of Australia.
little-franklin/ 2000 10 01 Mountain ash and temperate rainforest in South Gippsland, Victoria.
beachgirl/ 2010 11 28 The Sun Beachgirl Quest, in the late 1940s or early 1950s.  Miss Frankston and other images added in November 2010.
2002 01 23
Lachlan Hardy's 380 word essay I Dream . . . . .
2002 03 16
Rag-doll Christmas angel, and an angel Waverley Cemetery in Sydney.
2005 11 11
How Radio Frequency ID tagging technology and careful surveillance of citizens protects us all.
2006 08 02
Green ants build a nest in the leaves of a mangrove in Far Northern Queensland's Daintree Rainforest.
2010 11 28
An intriguing plastic tube cutter from the 1960s, and a photo of some handbags and other items made with thousands of tubular beads cut, by hand, from flame-polished plastic tubing.
2015 03 03
Photos of the Nullarbor Plain and Bunda Cliffs on the western coast of South Australia.