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TR-606 modification prices for customers outside Australia

2018-03-10  Robin Whittle

This page lists prices for customers outside Australia, in Australian dollars for payment via PayPal

The best way of estimating the cost in your currency is to commence a PayPal "Send Money" payment for the desired Australian dollar amount, to .  After the PayPal system reports the total cost in your currency you can cancel the payment rather then confirm it.

After your machine arrives I will discuss the modifications you want via email or phone.  I will confirm the work to be done with the total cost.  If you use bank transfer or rather than PayPal, please deduct 3% from the prices below.

To the TR-606 page: ../ for full descriptions of the following.
To the ../prices-au/ page for Australian customers.

The following lines can be copied into an email, deleting those which do not apply. 

   $135     Australia Post EMS courier with AUD$2000
            insurance.  FedEx is more expensive and the
            cost varies by destination country.  If you
            wish us to ship with FedEx, we can install
            the lithium battery for memory backup,
            assuming that the new battery backup
            arrangements are installed.  A TR-606 with
            the Quicksilver 606 system has no memory
            backup battery.

    $93     Customs fee we generally need to pay to
            get the TR-606 into the country if the
            insured value plus shipping totals AUD$1000
            or more.  Please insure the package for
            ~USD$500 or ~€300 to avoid this.

Case, button and knob cleanup and basic
            repairs including two noise reduction
            modifications and cleaning the Volume pot.

   $113     Install Omron sealed tact switches.
   $103     Install Blue, Red and/or other colour LEDs.

    $83     New backup battery arrangements with larger
            capacitor, under-voltage protection for the 
            C-cell batteries and an internal holder for
            a user-replaceable 2032 coin-cell lithium
            battery - with the battery installed.  See
            ../#membak for full details.
   $412     32 Banks of Memory.

or $618     32 Banks of Memory with Dynamic Bank
            Switching: two 3.5mm audio/CV input sockets
            with two LEDs to invert
two of the memory
            bank address bits.  (TR-606-1 on page 3
            the 32 Bank Memory with DBS manual.

or $721     As above, but with a centre-off Enable
            switch for the two Audio/CV input detector
            circuits, their LEDs and their address bit
            inversion circuits.  Up = enable, Down =
            Enable, with spring return.

    $51     Accent button.

   $124     Individual Outputs: BD, SD, Toms, CY & HH.

    $51     Audio In for CY and HH.

    $82     Snare mods - fixed (no switches).
or $165     Snare mods - variable (two 3 pos. switches).
or $247     Snare mods - variable (two 3 pos. switches)
            with front-panel mounted Noise level pot.

    $62     Noise level control by way of trimpot moved
            to underside of PCB so it can be adjusted
            with a screwdriver via hole in the bottom of
            the case.

   $824     Quicksilver 606 MIDI In and Out with
            isolated USB socket and comb-bound User
(Currently not available.)