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TR-606 modification prices for Australian customers

2018-12-18  Robin Whittle

This page lists prices for customers in Australia, or who are overseas but wish their machine to be delivered to someone in Australia, who will return it to them. 

To the TR-606 page: ../ for full descriptions of the following.
To the ../prices-int/ page for customers who are outside Australia.

These prices include GST and are for payment with cash or transfer to our bank account (we will email the details).  Shipping to anywhere in Australia via insured sign on delivery parcel post is around $44.

After your machine arrives I will discuss the modifications you want via email or phone.  I will confirm the work to be done with the total cost.

The following lines can be copied into an email, deleting those which do not apply. 

    $88     Case, button and knob cleanup and basic
            repairs including two noise reduction
            modifications and cleaning the Volume pot.

   $121     Install Omron sealed tact switches.
   $110     Install Blue, Red and/or other colour LEDs.

    $88     New backup battery arrangements with larger
            capacitor, under-voltage protection for the 
            C-cell batteries and a user-replaceable
            2032 coin-cell lithium battery installed
            internally.  See ../#membak for full
   $440     32 Banks of Memory.

or $660     32 Banks of Memory with Dynamic Bank
            Switching: two 3.5mm audio/CV input sockets
            with two LEDs to invert two of the memory
            bank address bits.  (TR-606-1 on page 3
            the 32 Bank Memory with DBS manual.

or $770     As above, but with a centre-off Enable
            switch for the two Audio/CV input detector
            circuits, their LEDs and their address bit
            inversion circuits.  Up = enable, Down =
            Enable, with spring return.

    $55     Accent button.

   $132     Individual Outputs: BD, SD, Toms, CY & HH.

    $55     Audio In for CY and HH.

    $88     Snare mods - fixed (no switches).
or $176     Snare mods - variable (two 3 pos. switches).
or $264     Snare mods - variable (two 3 pos. switches)
            with front-panel mounted Noise level pot.

    $66     Noise level control by way of trimpot moved
            to underside of PCB so it can be adjusted
            with a screwdriver via hole in the bottom of
            the case.

   $340     MIDI Sync In system.

   $165     Sync Lead (link) to go with the above,
            enabling up to three slave devices to be
            driven with Roland/DIN Sync.