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Articles on telecommunications 1994 to 1998 - especially Hybrid Fibre Coax and other broadband systems

Part of figure 2 - ADCs OFDM

Robin Whittle - First Principles Consulting 25 June 1998
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Articles for Australian Communications magazine

The articles in reverse date order are:

Wavelength Division Multiplexing

March 1998 8 pages

Telstra's HFC Internet Service

October and November 1997 10 pages 1 diagram 1 table

Telstra's DialConnect and FrameDial services: "National Data Network: No POPs Needed"

September 1997 1 page

Telstra Internet's Big Pond permanent modem service

July 1997 1 page.

Telstra's OnRamp ETSI ISDN service

June 1997 3 pages.

Opinion column "HFC Internet Signals a Bold New Era"

June 1997 1 page.

Northgate Communications HFC in Ballarat

March 1997 3 pages.

Telstra's (initial) HFC Internet service

November 1996 2 pages.

The Optus Vision HFC System - Telephony Now and Data on the Way

August 1996 14 pages, 3 diagram, one table.

Telstra's New Model Network: the FMO and broadband full-service-network technologies

April 1996 11 pages, 4 diagrams, one photo.

The Great Cable Race

December 95 / January 1996 12 pages, 3 figures, 6 photos.

ADSL - Bridging the Superhighway Gap?

2 parts: May and June 1994 16 pages, 6 figures, 2 tables.

Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line is a means of getting up to 8 Megabits per second (Mbps) down several kilometres of ordinary twisted pair telephone line, whilst simultaneously receiving up to 0.8 Mbps upstream from the home and supporting a standard analogue POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone.

Australian Communications is now defunct

Australian Communications was very well edited by Mark Smeaton and later by Richard Chirgwin.

The Link mailing list

The Link mailing list is an Australian based discussion group for Internet, privacy, telecommunications and information policy. The list has several hundred active members and has a high signal to noise ratio. The old home page is:  The searchable archives from 1995 to June 2002 are at . Joining information and archives after June 2002 are at .

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