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Music from Lincoln J.K. Webber made with the Devil Fish

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Here are some 2006 Devil Fish doodlings from Lincoln J.K. Webber - .  In each case the longer version is my edit of his original recording and the shorter version is an excerpt from this.

All tracks are stereo 128kbps MP3s.  Copyright 2006 Lincoln J. K Webber

In 2013 new tracks are appearing at , such as this one.

With Delay and Filter FM (excerpt) 1:47
Devil Fish with delay feeding the audio back into the Filter FM input.
Linxstar-Devil-Fish-Delay-FM-edit-excerpt.mp3  1.7 MB 

With Delay and Filter FM 9:15
As above
Linxstar-Devil-Fish-Delay-FM-edit.mp3  8.9 MB

With Mooger Fooger (excerpt)
Fun and games, with another machine playing a simple bassline.
Linxstar-Devil-Fish-Mooger-Fooger-edit-excerpt.mp3 2.6 MB

With Mooger Fooger 15:36
As above.
Linxstar-Devil-Fish-Mooger-Fooger-edit.mp3  14.9 MB