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Devil Fish prices for customers outside Australia

2019-12-19  Robin Whittle

These prices are for the TB-303 Devil Fish modifications.  Prices for Devil Fish mods to the TT-303 and RE-303 will be on separate pages.

This page lists prices for customers outside Australia, in Australian dollars for payment via PayPal.  If you are paying via TransferWise, or bank transfer, the prices will be 0.97 of the PayPal prices shown below.

The best way of estimating the cost in your currency is to commence a PayPal "Send Money" payment for the desired Australian dollar amount, to .  After the PayPal system reports the total cost in your currency you can cancel the payment rather then confirm it.

If you are interested in Martin Rothlisberger's AluCases ( please contact us for more information.  In late 2019 we heard that he has two Devil Fish AluCases left and will not be making any more.

After your machine arrives I will discuss the modifications you want via email or phone.  I will confirm the work to be done with the total cost.

To the Devil Fish page: ../ .
To the ../prices-au/ page for Australian customers.

The following lines in green can be copied into an email, deleting those which do not apply.  The items below do not include freight costs.  Please see ../../freight-insurance .  TB-303 Devil Fishes are too valuable to be sent by Australia Post.  With the likely exception of customers in the USA, all customers should expect to pay customs duty on the value of the repairs and modifications, most likely at the rate of your country's VAT or similar sales tax.


  $1236     Devil Fish mods
with 3.5mm headphone socket
            and user-changeable lithium battery.

   $144     Install Omron sealed tact switches.

Frequently desired options:

   $288     Install 6 new small pots - Tuning to Accent. 
            These are similar to the pots used in the
            Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot (V1), but we
            dismantle and clean them, modify them to
            reduce sideways movement and reduce the
            chance of wear if the knob is pressed while
            being turned.  We also relubricate them
            with a lighter silicone grease which makes
            them easier to turn.

or  $93     Dismantle, clean and relubricate (with
            lighter silicone grease) the original 6
            small ALPS pots, replacing any which are
            worn with some used (and similarly
            dismantled, cleaned and relubricated) pots
            which are in good condition.

Both the above will result in pots which should last for many years.  Please do not press downwards on the knobs while turning any of the 6 small pots.  The knobs are mounted about 1.3mm higher, which makes them easier to grip.    
   $113     Install Blue, Red and/or other colour LEDs.
            I suggest all Red or Blue with a new Red
            LED for the Run/Stop function.

The memory, MIDI and Dynamic Bank and/or Channel Switching options are too complex to be fully described here.  Please see the manuals linked to at the start of the main Devil Fish page.  The MIDI In and Out system includes CV-to-MIDI functions and, even without any switches or Audio/CV inputs [Y] has the ability to dynamically switch between four MIDI In channels, according to notes and control changes received on channel 15 or 16.  This is the basic form of Dynamic Channel Switching (DCS).  The full version of DCS involves two Audio/CV input sockets, detector circuits, LEDs and toggle switches.  If these are just for the MIDI In and Out system [Z], then this is the full DCS system.  If these are part of the 32 Bank Memory system [D]and [Y]then this is the full Dynamic Bank and Channel Switching system (DBCS). 

Below the list of prices is a table in blue showing the 9 valid combinations.  [A] = no 32 Bank Memory.  [W] = no MIDI.

   $463 [B] 32 Banks of Memory.

or $670 [C] 32 Banks of Memory with Dynamic Bank
            Switching: two 3.5mm audio/CV input sockets
            with 2 LEDs to invert two of the memory
            bank address bits.  (* TB-303-1.  This is
            for no MIDI
[W] or MIDI In [X], not for MIDI
            In and Out.)

or $773 [D] 32 Banks of Memory with Dynamic Bank/Channel
            Switching: two 3.5mm audio/CV input sockets
            with 2 LEDs to invert two of the memory bank
            address bits and to switch between four MIDI
            In channels.  (*# TB-303-6. This only for
            the MIDI In and Out system [Y].)

   $412 [X] MIDI In.

or $618 [Y]
MIDI In and Out with basic Dynamic Channel
            Switching, without the [Z] switches, LEDs
            and 3.5mm sockets which provide full Dynamic
            Channel Switching.
            If installed with [D], the MIDI In and Out
            system works with [D]'s inputs, LEDs and
            switches to form the complete Dynamic Bank
            and Channel Switching system.

or $803 [Z] MIDI In and Out with two 3.5mm audio/CV
            input sockets with LEDs and two toggle
            switches for full Dynamic Channel
            Switching.  (# TB-303-4. This is for
            Devil Fishes without the 32 Bank Memory

            * Page 3 of the 32 Bank Memory with DBS manual.
            # Page 2 of the Devil Fish MIDI In and Out manual.

                    / 32 Banks of Memory \
                              DBS     DBCS
[B]      [C]      [D]

    [W]      $0     $463     $670        -   No MIDI.

    [X]    $412     $875    $1082        -   MIDI In.

    [Y]    $618    $1081        -    $1391   MIDI In & Out.
                   Basic              Full 
                     DCS              DBCS

    [Z]    $803        -        -        -   MIDI In & Out
           Full                              with two inputs
            DCS                              LEDs and switches.

Other options:

Sync Lead (link) to go with the MIDI
            In system or the MIDI In and Out system,
            enabling up to three slave devices to be
            driven by the DIN Sync which the MIDI
            system generates when receiving MIDI Sync.

    $82     Switch for Audio In to Filter (link).