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Devil Fish prices for customers outside Australia

2018-01-10  Robin Whittle

This page lists prices for customers outside Australia, in Australian dollars for payment via PayPal

The best way of estimating the cost in your currency is to commence a PayPal "Send Money" payment for the desired Australian dollar amount, to .  After the PayPal system reports the total cost in your currency you can cancel the payment rather then confirm it.

If you are interested in Martin Rothlisberger's AluCases ( please contact us for more information.

After your machine arrives I will discuss the modifications you want via email or phone.  I will confirm the work to be done with the total cost.  If you use bank transfer or rather than PayPal, please deduct 3% from the prices below. 

To the Devil Fish page: ../ .
To the ../prices-au/ page for Australian customers.

The following lines can be copied into an email, deleting those which do not apply. 


  $1236     Devil Fish mods
with 3.5mm headphone socket
            and user-changeable lithium battery.

   $144     Install Omron sealed tact switches.

   $175     Australia Post EMS courier with AUD$2000

Frequently desired options:

   $288     Install 6 new small pots - Tuning to Accent. 
            This is
essential if one or more of these
            pots are faulty or
badly worn.  The new pots
            are easier to turn than the originals and
            should be more
   $113     Install Blue, Red and/or other colour LEDs.

   $463     32 Banks of Memory.

or $670     32 Banks of Memory with Dynamic Bank
            Switching: two 3.5mm audio/CV input sockets
            with 2 LEDs to invert two of the memory
            bank address bits.  (* TB-303-1.  This is
            for no MIDI or MIDI In, not for MIDI In and

or $773     32 Banks of Memory with Dynamic Bank/Channel
            Switching: two 3.5mm audio/CV input sockets
            with 2 LEDs to invert two of the memory bank
            address bits and to switch between four MIDI
            In channels.  (* TB-303-6. This only for the
            MIDI In and Out system.)

   $412     MIDI In.

or $618    
MIDI In and Out with Dynamic Channel
            Switching, without switches, LEDs or 3.5mm
            sockets, when installed without the
            TB-303-6 32  Bank Memory installation
            listed above. 
            If installed with this, then the MIDI In
            and Out system is integrated into the
            complete Dynamic Bank and Channel
            Switching system.

or $803     MIDI In and Out with two 3.5mm audio/CV
            input sockets with LEDs and two
            toggle switches for Dynamic Channel
            Switching.  (** TB-303-4.  This is for
            Devil Fishes without the 32 Bank Memory

            *  See page 3 of the 32 Bank Memory with DBS manual.
            ** See page 60 of the Devil Fish MIDI In and Out manual.

Other options:

Sync Lead (link) to go with the MIDI
            In system or the midi In and Out system,
            enabling up to three slave devices to be
            driven with the DIN Sync which the MIDI
            system generates when receiving MIDI Sync.

    $82     Switch for Audio In to Filter (link).

Alternative MIDI In/Out system - see ../midi-options/ .  This does not work with the 32 Bank Memory System and does not support Dynamic Bank/Channel Switching:

  $???     (Quicksilver 303 with isolated USB socket
             - not currently available.)

If the AUD$800 price of the Devil Fish 2.0 modifications in 1996 was adjusted for inflation to 2018, it would be AUD$1,390 including 3% to cover PayPal fees.  The version 5.0 modifications include a 3.5mm headphone socket (previously AUD$124), user-replaceable lithium battery and several other improvements.