Links and other materials regarding the IRTF Routing Research Group in 2010

Established 2010-04-01 Robin Whittle
Last update 2010-09-06

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For general information on the RRG, please see ../RRG-2009/ .

March 2010 Anaheim meeting

This was the final meeting of the RRG.  For months, there were no audio archives of the IETF 77 meeting, so I created an MP3 of the RRG meeting here.  Now the archives are available: but I haven't figured out which channel, for Friday AM, the RRG audio is on.

An MP3 of the 2010-03-26 meeting at Anaheim:  RRG-2010-03-26.mp3 .
A PDF version of the slides: RRG-2010-03-26.pdf .

The minutes are here:

Archives of the RAM and RRG mailing lists

On 2010-09-06 I made some archive files of the IETF RAM list and the RRG list to date, to help anyone who wants to search these or load them into their own mail system.

All the files are in the sub-directory mail-list from this one.  I am not providing direct URLs, so please copy and paste the following references to the URL of the current page.  This is intended to stop search engines spidering the files.

There are three formats:

.zip mbox format, in zip format (Windows PKZIP AKA WinZip etc.)

Mbox is a single file, with each message's start denoted by a line starting with "From".  Consequently, any message which has such a line in its body has the word replaced by ">From".   I have named these files with a .txt extension to make it easy to load them into a text editor for searching.  However, this won't necessarily work perfectly, due to the low-level formatting of messages, such as with "=" at the ends of some lines, which are not part of the message intended to be read by humans.

You should be able to place the file, perhaps without the .txt filename extension, in a local mail directory such as, for Thunderbird in Windows:

C:\Documents and Settings\uuuu\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\pppp.default\Mail\Local Folders

Where "uuuu" is your username and "pppp" is some gobbledygook for your profile.

.gz mbox format, in gzip format

As above, taken from a Windows Thunderbird system, but gzipped for convenience on GNU/Linux systems.

.tgz Maildir format, tar-gzipped

This is a directory, tarred and gzipped (tar -cvzf  outfile.tgz input-file-or-directory).  The directory is a Maildir, and so can be used by mailservers such as Courier IMAPD or similar.  All the messages are separate files in cur/ .  Before targzipping, I made all the user and group settings "root", so you will probably want to change them to the user and group of your user account in the mail server.

RAM list archives

The official RAM list archives are: These contain no search function.

I first joined the RAM list on 1 April 2007.  (I had somehow missed mention of it when reading the Amsterdam RAWS material.)  I can't remember how, but at some stage I supplemented my archive with an mbox file going back to the start of the list on 2006-11-17 when David Meyers announced its creation:
We've created a new list, the Routing and Addressing
Mailing list (, which is reserved for the
IETF community's discussion of the analysis of and
potential solutions to the continued growth in the size
and dynamics of the Internet's default free zone routing

Lixia and I will be moderating the list. We're hoping for
focused discussions on the topic(s) at hand.
As far as I know, the files below cover the entire life of the list.  There are 1787 messages. The RAM list was deactivated on 2008-07-10, with everyone being directed to the IRTF RRG list. 

To get these files, add these to the URL of the current page:

mail-list/IETF-RAM-2006-11-17-to-2008-07-10-maildir.tgz     (3.2MB)
mail-list/IETF-RAM-2006-11-17-to-2008-07-10-mbox.txt.gz   (2.3MB)
mail-list/  (2.3MB)

RRG list archives

The official RRG archives are at: .  These contain no search function.  These archives start at 2007-01-07.  Message  00007 is the previous chair Avri Doria  announcing her replacement on 2007-02-05.  There are some discussions of scalable routing in March.  My message on SDRAM-based IP forwarding is msg00078 in these archives, and  dated 2007-03-31 in the archives US-based timezone. 

So the archives below contain all but the first few dozen messages in this phase of the RRG's work.  These archives contain 7246 messages.  The mbox file is 59,204,737 bytes.

To get these files, add these to the URL of the current page:

mail-list/RRG-2008-04-01-to-2010-09-06-maildir.tgz      (21.6MB)
mail-list/RRG-2008-04-01-to-2010-09-06-mbox.txt.gz    (17.7MB)
mail-list/   (17.8MB)

(The RRG list up to early October 2008 is searchable at: )