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IRTF Routing Research Group links

Homepage & charter
Wiki, including links to the major scalable routing proposals

Mailing list archives, 2007-01-07 to present ~25 messages per page
Mailing list archives in monthly format, 2008-10-10 to 2009-02-03
Mailing list archives, 2008-01-01 to 2008-10-08
Mailing list archives 2007
Complete RAM list archives 2006-11-16 to 2008-02-01

Amsterdam RAWS materials (2006-10)
Amsterdam RAWS report

If anyone wants a complete list of messages for private use (not for creating a web-accessible archive) I have the complete RAM and RRG archives (not 2005 and 2006, which are here) in Mbox or Maildir format.

Also of potential interest, this reading link from the ist-ring Routing in Next Generation project: .

Quite a lot of discussion is taking place on the LISP WG  mailing list .


The RRG  is supposed to produce a set of recommendations, based on rough consensus, for an architecture (maybe multiple possible architectures?) by which the Internet's routing scalability problem can be solved. This was initially due in March 2009, but the final recommendation is now planned for March 2010.

According to this message from co-chair Lixia Zhang: msg05489.html proposals should be submitted by 2009-12-22.  According to msg05231.html the proposals will be discussed and the writing will begin on 2010-02-15, two weeks before the cutoff for the March 2010 IETF meeting.

Separate from the RRG, the Routing and Addressing Directorate RADIR (which has a mailing list with public archives, but restricted membership) had a RADIR Problem Statement I-D (2007-10-07), which expired:  That was identical to version 01.  On 2009-03-09 a version 03 was created: and the Diff2 shows what has changed.

My critique of the version 00 RADIR Problem Statement is: 2007-08-09.  The differences between 00 and 01/02 can be seen here.  

Other pages here

See this page: rec/ for my thoughts on what is missing from the draft RRG recommendations.

See this page: constraints/ for my attempt to write some text most people agree with regarding the constraints on any successful scalable routing solution which result from the need for widespread voluntary adoption.

The directory host-responsibilities/ contains my arguments against hosts being expected to more than they do now regarding routing and addressing.

The RRG Design Goals I-D (2007-07-08) is here: .  According to this message msg05511.html this document is open and subject to further revisions.

My critique of these design goals (2007-07-14) is: