Waveform Archiver by Dennis Lee

Waveform Archiver, AKA WavArc or WA32.EXE is a lossless audio compression program written by Dennis Lee in 1997.
Dennis' web page http://www.ecf.utoronto.ca/~denlee/ disappeared a few years ago and my attempts to contact him there have failed.

Here is his Waveform Archiver 1.1 package for MS-DOS.

As part of the text file in this package,  WA.TXT contains usage notes, a version history and the following copyright notice:
   Waveform Archiver
   Version 1.1
   Copyright (C) 1994-1997
   Dennis Lee
   Internet E-mail: denlee@ecf.utoronto.ca
   This software is free.  You are welcome to use it in both personal
   and commercial environments.  You may also redistribute this software
   by any means and on any medium.

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