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TR-909 modification prices for customers outside Australia

2019-12-19  Robin Whittle

This page lists prices for customers outside Australia, in Australian dollars for payment via PayPal.  If you are paying via TransferWise, or bank transfer, the prices will be 0.97 of the PayPal prices shown below.

The best way of estimating the cost in your currency is to commence a PayPal "Send Money" payment for the desired Australian dollar amount, to .  After the PayPal system reports the total cost in your currency you can cancel the payment rather then confirm it.

After your machine arrives I will discuss the modifications you want via email or phone.  I will confirm the work to be done with the total cost.  I can give estimates of repair costs, but not quotes.  Very often, while fixing one thing, other faults become apparent, and sometimes new faults develop which were not present at first.  If you use bank transfer or rather than PayPal, please deduct 3% from the prices below.

To the TR-909 page: ../ for full descriptions of the following.
To the ../prices-au/ page for Australian customers.

The following lines can be copied into an email, deleting those which do not apply.  The items below do not include freight costs.  Please see ../../freight-insurance .  TR-909s are too valuable to be sent by Australia Post.  With the likely exception of customers in the USA, all customers should expect to pay customs duty on the value of the repairs and modifications, most likely at the rate of your country's VAT or similar sales tax.

    $93     Customs fee we generally need to pay to
            get the TR-909 into the country.

   $337     Testing; case, buttons and knobs cleanup;
            clean the 27 small pots and dismantle and
            clean the Volume pot; install 0.22uF and
            1000uF capacitors for the RAM chip.

   $337     If the board has been sprayed with oil or
            if the above in-situ cleaning does not make
            all the 27 small pots noise-free, remove
            dismantle, clean, reassemble and re-install
            all these pots.

    $94     Hourly cost of any further repairs.

   $140     Install version 4 firmware.

   $140     Install 1/2AA lithium battery.

  $1133     Sound mods for BD, SD, HCP and HH.