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WavelengthDivision Multiplexing: Links to sites

Links to sites regarding my Wavelength Division Multiplexing article in the March 1998 issue of Australian Communications magazine.

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Robin Whittle - First Principles Consulting 29 March 1998
(Slight update to URL on 17 November 1998.)

Please email me at if you would like to suggest any new sites to add to this, or any corrections. In particular, if you know of any sites which are actively being maintained to cover WDM in general, then please let me know, because I am not actively searching for sites to keep this one up-to-date. Alta Vista Advanced had 2,500 hits on "wavelength division multiplexing", most of them for documents less than a year old.  The links below are far from a comprehensive survey of the field.

A hard-disk failure claimed the bookmark file with all the sites I found when I was researching the article.
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Sites linking to other WDM sites

WDM sites of interest

Overviews of WDM

Turnkey WDM suppliers

Fibres, lasers, modulators, EDFAs and optical components

Technical theory and reference



Real and potential long-haul WDM projects

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