Diagrams 1: ADC's OFDM Motorola's DPQSK

Robin Whittle - First Principles Consulting 22 November 1996

This page contains two diagrams from my August 1996 article on the Optus Vision HFC network telephony technology. See http://www.firstpr.com.au/ telco/articles/index.html#A9608 for more details.

Figure 2 describes OFDM and compares the symbol times of ADC's OFDM and Motorola's DPQSK.

Figure 2: OFDM and  symbol

Figure 3 describes Motorola's DPQSK.

Figure 3: Motorolas DPQSK

The quality of the text layout has suffered in the conversion of these diagrams from an early Freehand file type, via Adobe Illustrator, into Corel Draw 3 and then to .GIF. The diagrams in the magazines look fine.

This is http://www.firstpr.com.au/telco/articles/diag1.htm

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