Our camera is a Sony DSC-F707, which I bought in 2002.  It is 5M pixels and has an extraordinary lens,
an OK electronic viewfinder and a body which tilts up and down.  It is antiquated in terms of
memory and video capabilities, but it has a great macro capability down to a few cm. 

Unfortunately, there are not yet any modern cameras with bigger sensors which have a tilting body,
electronic viewfinder and macro-capable lens, like this.

The Digital Photograph Review page is: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonydscf707/

All cameras, especially those with zoom lenses, can create pincushion and barrel distortion. 
I use the shareware PTLens Photoshop plug-in to correct this.  It works from the camera
and lens setting information encoded into the .JPG file, and automatically does the