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Robin Whittle  23 January 2002

My friend Lachlan Hardy wrote this essay, in an English class, three months before his 13th birthday.

Here is the essay, as corrected, folllowed by his teacher's notes.  

I Dream of . . . . . . . .

One day, the subject of the essay was "Io, tra ventanni" ("Myself twenty years on").  My paper was returned without being marked.  "Miss, why have you not marked my paper?" asked Alan.

"Alan, this is an essay about a probable projection of yourself in twenty years, a realistic dream if you will," said his teacher.

"What's wrong with dreaming of living in the Himalayas, living by yourself, learning ways that have kept people alive for thousands of years?".

"Please Alan, realise this fantasy of yours is near impossible.".

That night, he dreamed of his life in the Himalayan mountains, the jungles at the base of dark rocky mountains, the long rice fields of dark mud with green plants, the melting snow making streams of pure water but most of all, he dreamed of the clear air that had not been spoiled by the metal monsters that sweep the western country.


P.A. "Flight 204 to China departing".

Alan looked out of his window at the country he wouldn't see for the next two years.

"I will not miss this country, but I will miss my friends and family but I must go, if I didn't my life would be incomplete."

He had learnt more than most about living many years ago, he was on a diet of plants and animals from around the area, he also knew all of the local languages, beliefs and customs, he would have to learn to build a hut.

When he arrived in the Himalayas it was amazing seeing something he had only before read about in books and now he was actually seeing it for real!  This was the best moment in his life he thought.


It was the middle of the winter and a blizzard was blowing.  He huddled around his fire almost smothering it.  He had built his life here and that even though he was cold and hungry he was so happy about his life, his parents and friends had often tried to persuade him to come back to Italy but he could not tell them enough he was happier here than he ever was in Italy.

That night he dreamed his whole life as it happened.

He was happy, he was happy!

The End.

Teachers remarks

© Lachlan Hardy 2001