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Modified TR-808 demo recordings

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© Robin Whittle 2012
Last update 2016-12-26

Here are embedded SoundCloud players followed by a link to the SoundCloud page and links to the  WAV files and .MP3 files here.   I understand the SoundCloud player runs at 128kbps, which means it won't faithfully reproduce the details of more complex sounds.  The .WAV files here have no such problem, and the MP3s are at 256kbps, so there is insignificant loss of detail.  There's virtually no stereo separation in most of these demos so I have made the .WAV files mono except where noted.

Kick tuning and extended decay controls; the Snare tuning controls and the internal noise generator control.

SoundCloud Flash-player and link:

TR-808-mods-01-BD-SD by Robin Whittle
TR-808-mods-01-BD-SD.wav  62MB
TR-808-mods-01-BD-SD-256kbps.mp3 22MB

Tom decay controls and the shortened rumble pulse in the Tom circuits, together with the internal noise generator control.

SoundCloud Flash-player and link:

t>TR-808-mods-02-Toms by Robin Whittle
TR-808-mods-02-Toms.wav  28B
TR-808-mods-02-Toms-256kbps.mp3  10MB

The Hand Clap density control and the reverb disable switch, together with the internal noise generator control.

SoundCloud Flash-player and link:

t>TR-808-mods-03-HCP by Robin Whittle
TR-808-mods-03-HCP.wav  40MB
TR-808-mods-03-HCP-256kbps.mp3  14MB

The Cymbal soft attack switch.  This demo also compares the differences between the Cymbal and Hi Hat sounds of two TR-808s due to normal component value variations which result in different frequencies for the six square-wave oscillators which are the basis for these sounds.

SoundCloud Flash-player and link:

>TR-808-mods-04-CY by Robin Whittle
TR-808-mods-04-CY.wav  41MB
TR-808-mods-04-CY-256kbps.mp3  15MB

The 4 Level Accent system.

SoundCloud Flash-player and link:

ct>TR-808-mods-05-4-Level-Acc by Robin Whittle
TR-808-mods-05-4-Level-Acc.wav  28MB
TR-808-mods-05-4-Level-Acc-256kbps.mp3  10MB

The 4 alternative signal inputs for the Snare, for the Hand Clap and for the Cymbals and Hi Hat.  This also makes use of the 4 Level Accent system and switching between two memory banks on a beat-by-beat basis in the middle of patterns.

SoundCloud Flash-player and link:

t>TR-808-mods-06-alt-inputs by Robin Whittle
TR-808-mods-06-alt-inputs.wav (stereo) 232MB
TR-808-mods-06-alt-inputs-256kbps.mp3 42MB