Scotty Vercoe (email ), of Analog Devices, writing on Extended Csound to the Csound mailing list, 10 July 1998.

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We had a great time at AES, but then how couldn't we, it was in
Amsterdam!  The response to our joystick demo and Cecilia was very good.
I was happy to see a couple Csounders.  Thanks for stopping by!

As usual, we got some flack for only supporting Windows 95 (I don't like
it any more than most of you).  We would encourage anyone interested in
supporting Extended Csound on other platforms.  Although right now, we
can't pay anyone to do any work, I can promise you a free card and as
much support as we can give.  Should a company come to us that is
interested in selling cards for another platform, they would probably be
interested in licensing the work that has been done so far instead of
starting from scratch.  Please contact me if anyone has any interest in

Also, I hope to get more and more people cards as we are financially
able to do so.  If you especially anxious, send me a convincing note
(please, no threats).  It is truly in our best interest to get people
all around the world using the system.

I hope you're all having great summers!
Scotty Vercoe
Extended Csound Applications Consultant
Analog Devices Software & Systems Technology Division
Tel: (781) 461-3569       FAX: (781) 461-4291